Myrtle Beach Reverse MorgageIf you are considering a reverse mortgage as one of the sources of financial support in your retirement then you must consider contacting the National Council on Aging. This council is dedicated to improve the lives of older Americans by providing a holistic approach to all the facets of old age.

It aims to improve senior healthcare through the Center for Healthy Aging, Falls Free Initiative and Consumer Health Education. Center for Healthy Aging and Consumer Health Education is a community program that provides physical and medical education to enable older people deal with chronic illness, health conditions and physical obstacles. Falls Free Initiative proven plans that help minimize and prevent life-threatening falls and stumbles.

It also ensures that senior services are upgraded continually. These services, although presently complete, need to be upgraded from time to time due to new research results and discoveries. New tools and resources are brought closer to the organizations that are designed for the senior community to further strengthen America’s network of senior service providers.

The organization also promotes senior home independence and dignity. Their primary concern is to eliminate elder abuse that plagues the senior citizens who are unable to support themselves or seek help. Those who are unable to hire a private nurse or caregiver are coerced to leave their homes and move to a nursing facility to protect their own welfare. However, older adults do not care for nursing homes, as they prefer the comforts of their own home. In order to prevent being forced out of their private residences, the older adult would hire a caregiver despite their inability to afford such services. The council is presently campaigning for a more lenient policy on senior health and home care. They are proposing that long-term caregiver services in the community be made available.

In line with the protection against abuse and healthcare improvement, the organization is also gearing towards a secure retirement for every senior adult. They developed the National Center for Benefits Outreach and Enrolment that provides valuable information and services regarding benefits they are entitled to enroll in and claim. They also provide the Benefits CheckUp and My Medicare Matters, these programs screen older adults to determine their benefits and provide assistance in claiming for it.

Two other programs were developed to increase the economic stability of seniors; Mature Worker and Economic Security Initiative. The Mature Worker connects senior workers to vast training and employment opportunities. Economic Security Initiative provides practical guides for senior adults on how to manage the retirement funds, mortgage accounts and investment.

This organization educates impoverished senior citizens about how to deal with their financial instability by providing several retirement options. These options include reverse mortgage, investment stocks and bonds, and different individual retirement accounts. They disseminate these information through a one-on-one lecture made either personally or over the phone.

The government mandates that counseling sessions for any kind of personal finance alternative should be discussed generally without straightforwardly promoting or representing any of the choices to prevent prejudice.

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