The Benefits Of Reverse Mortgage

Benefits Reverse MortgageAs with other financial transaction, reverse mortgage has its own share of urban legends and myths that aim to discourage prospective borrowers from proceeding with their application. These common misconceptions dare to overshadow the benefits of taking out this kind of mortgage.

Zero in on the benefits of reverse mortgage

This type of mortgage is designed and insured by the US Government for the senior borrowers. Your security is backed up federally, so you know that all transactions are balanced and transparent. In fact, in the unfortunate instance that your loan obligation exceeds the value of your home, you will not be liable to pay the excess amount. The insurance company who has underwritten your closing deal will handle the repayment of the loss. Additionally, the proceeds of your cash amortization whether released monthly or lump sum is tax free. The manner of release of payment is entirely up to you. The tax is applied to the future repayment of the loan.

In the past, reverse mortgage has no credit or income requirements. Today there are some requirements with regards to credit score and demonstrating you will have the necessary income to pay the taxes, insurance and upkeep of the residence. You only need to be 62 years or older and the property title owner to qualify. This mortgage is designed to provide financial support to the senior community; therefore, they do not impose stringent requirements in order to accommodate prospective borrowers.

The borrower is under no obligation to repay the loan while they occupy the primary residence. You continue to retain ownership of your home because the property title will not be taken away from you, nor would it be amended to the lender’s name. It provides you with two important benefits, continuous tax free financing and a comfortable shelter. When the loan has been repaid, all remaining equity will go to you or to your estate, in case of your passing. If the loan obligation is higher than the full home equity, you are at an advantage because of the mortgage’s non-recourse feature. It means that no other property will be involved in repaying the excess debt.

Most borrowers use their cash to fund their daily expenses. Reverse mortgage lenders do not require you to make big ticket expenses to justify your loan. How you spend it is for you to decide, it can be for medical maintenance, groceries, shopping, home repair or travel. Reverse mortgage will supplement your Social Security and Medicare benefits. It will not affect the payments you receive from these institutions and you will continue receiving the same amount as before.

The benefits of a reverse mortgage outweigh the urban legends that surround it. It is a great response to the present trend of families who have older adults that live longer and actively on their own. In today’s culture, children live apart from their parents to pursue their goals in different states. Family homes are seldom passed on to the next generation due to higher maintenance costs and real estate taxes. Besides, homeowners would just prefer to possess and manage a single real estate property.

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